My movement roots trace back to my first ballet class, in a church hall when I was three years old. After training and dancing professionally for many years in the UK and Europe. I sustained various injuries, which lead me to train at The Royal Academy of Dance, attaining a BA Hons Ballet in Education. My contracts include: actress in Grange Hill BBC, dancer in Disneyland Paris in the Parade and evening show (yes I was Minnie Mouse) and a soloist dancer at the London Symphonic Orchestra for Spanish Guitar. 


I taught ballet for five years and was the co-principle of a ballet school, Ballet Steps Academy in North London. While I was teaching dance, I became more curious about the body, which led me to train as a Pilates Instructor. I trained at Pepilates, and graduated from The Advanced Teacher Training Programme in 2014, successfully completing The Pilates Centre’s 950 hour course (‘known as the Harvard of Pilates teacher training programmes’). I joined the ranks of the most highly trained teachers in the UK and I currently teach in studios all over London. 


I started practicing yoga at the age of sixteen with my Grandmother in another church hall. I learnt the sun salutations, Trataka (candle gazing) and yoga nidra with a group of women in their fifties. Already I knew yoga would be a huge part of my life…It was after six months of therapy and taking classes with Rebecca Richmond at Down to Earth, I decided I wanted to train. Yoga began to help me manage anxiety which was the residue from trauma in life. I found a calmness through my practice mentally and physically, which assisted me with a hectic schedule as a freelancer. After taking classes all over London, I gravitated towards the fiery practices such as Ashtanga and Rocket; these practices allowed me to free my busy mind and focus on the breath and postures, it was here I found peace and could find stillness after moving. 


Inspired by yoga and the balance it brought to my life I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa with The Yoga People, in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. Adding yoga to my teaching has been another amazing part of my movement journey so far. 


Thank you to all my teachers from the bottom of my heart: Lucinda Pepper, Lorna Magee, Sharon Dow, Mark Issot, Inge Stevens, Rebecca Richmond, Anita Jasser, Shamita Ray, Luiz Veigaa, Lizaan Joubert, Helen Russell-Clark, Dulce Mandala and Jamie.